Diy gift 50 thing why love you with card or Jokers! 💝



Diy gift 50 thing why love you with card or Jokers! 💝


Atlas of My Universe

If I was to write a song for you, it would contain no words. If I was to paint a picture for you, it would contain no discernable patterns, shapes, or objects. There is an irrefutable melody, a flawless blend of colors, an indescribable feeling contained in the deepest part of me. There is power there that cannot be replaced. In my eyes you are mountains in the atmosphere, vapors under water, and rivers in celestial bodies that make up my universe. You are perfect rhythm clashing with ivory accidentals, the creation of improvised lyrics and unplanned masterpieces.

You are my shooting star. No, not a meteor burning in the atmosphere, but a real shooting star. As rare as one in one hundred million. You careened out of your galaxy, 500 miles per second and collided into my existence leaving damage too drastic to mend. Broken bones, ligaments torn, veins leaking red blood cells, plasma, and formed elements. Deeper still, punctured phospholipid bilayers unable to maintain hydrophilic principles to protect essential chemical balances. An electron unable to maintain its charge. Magnificence.

This was my big bang. You have created walls like mountains, fissures like canyons inside me. It is you carving spaces for oceans, but leaving enough room for forests and valleys as pure as your own hometown. It is you creating harmony for my soul, providing contrast to my colors. It is you creating a part of me that does not exist on its own. The merging of all these things, good and bad, to become one whole being. You are my Hypervelocity Star who reminds me that time is merely progression; it does not exist on its own behalf. And looking into the tiny muscle cells that make up your iris, I am reminded that it is impossible for life to truly end.

If I am as futile to this universe as a single celled organism controlled only by the four winds of Heaven churning the sea, I will consider myself blessed. Because Joshua, my love, here in the substantially insignificant time frame of my life, I have acquired the remarkable privilege to call you my own.

And that will always be enough for me.

10 July 2014



Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language,
even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.


You are my most treasured novel. One I have read so many times

that just looking at you tells the whole story in three seconds flat.

You are my well-loved paperback. With dog-eared pages,

painted saline streaks and coffee stains. With a worn down spine,

ink smeared and pages un-numbered.

You are words that breathe comfort.

Sentences that understand my deepest thoughts.

Chapters that keep me on edge

all through the night.

You are my rain-storm love affair, with hot tea and warm blankets,

I read you and feel at home.

One day I will decorate our bathroom, and paint our kitchen walls, and set up the living room how I like it. And no one will change it. And I won’t feel left out because it will just be me and you. And we can cook terrible meals until we learn how to cook. We can lose our electric and have to use candles as “mood lighting” because we’ll probably be too poor to pay our bills.
But the only thing that matters is us, and the only thing that’s certain is that you’ll always be here for me. And its okay. Its time for us to start our lives now.
It will be my favorite adventure.

I love you. I love your gorgeous eyes. I love your breathtaking smile. I love the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice, or the way you will hold my hand when I’m driving. I love when you cuddle up to me when we’re watching movies, even though I always fall asleep.
But most of all, I love your beautiful soul. I love your unconditional love. I love your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. You are so very unique, and so very different, but In a way that brings me closer to you every day. Even after 2 years of knowing you, I find myself learning more and more about you everyday. I love the adventure of picking through your brain, and finding new things in you. You’re intelligence baffles me. I’m so enthralled by your words and your knowledge. I will never grow tired of you, or your thoughts and factual conversations. It just shows me more and more everyday, that we are supposed to be together. I cannot wait until we have children that are old enough to have intelligent conversations with us. Nothing makes me happier than you. You are my soulmate. I love you, Del.


Our Scrapbook.