Youre my zing.

How did we get here? How did we manage to unravel this disarray we had gotten ourselves into? I will never know. But you, you are the sunshine of my light. Your face right before you lean in to kiss me. The way you smile and jump when you get excited. The glimmer in your eye when you just simply stare at me when were in the car. I love it all. I cannot remember what life was before you. I have fallen so hard for you, and I believe Ill never find the bottom of this plummet. We always make jokes about how I like chick flicks, and rom com movies, but in reality, I like them because ive always wanted that kind of a relationship. Ive always wanted that kind of a story behind the relationship. Im a bit of a hopeless romantic. Ive always wanted that dream girl. When you came into my life, I got my dream girl. im so happy this is working, and I cannot wait to see what we have in store for us. I love you so much delores. You are my dream girl. Forever and always :)

I dont want to go.

I dont wanna sleep in my own bed. I dont want to he home at three in the morning knowing you’re not coming home to sleep with me. I dont wanna wake up without being in your arms. I dont want to lay awake missing you. I dont want to be six hours away when you’re having a bad day at work. I dont want to try and comfort you over a computer screen, while we both pretend like its enough. Its not. I dont want to do this.

This past 2 weeks have been beautiful.

I love cuddling you all night, and waking up to your beautiful face every morning. I love seeing you everyday and getting to spend what little time we have together each day doing absolutely nothing. I dont ever want you to go. This move cannot come soon enough. I love you so much. Youre my world der.



Its been over two years now.

We met some time in July. This morning was so perfect. I wish we could do it over again.

Right now, as im typing, you are playing an evanescence song with my sister. It is beautiful, but all im doing is looking at you and having one of my “thats Delores, right here in front me. THE Delores that has been the biggest and most profound part of my life for almost two years now” moments. Im so happy and thankful for you everyday. Youre my everything. I love you.

I can’t wait until autumn, so we can walk through Beaver Creek together and cuddle up to this<3

You are water to parched lips. You are a tarential downpour to droughten lands. You came into my life, and completely revitalized every inch of the cells that were deceased inside me. You have made me new.
Before you, love didn’t exist. I thought I had a firm grasp on what love, and giving and receiving love, was all about. You have, time and time again, proven to me or shown me what it actually means to whole heartedly give yourself to someone. I could not explain or even fathom the feelings that flushed over me when I heard you speak for the first time. Your voice, so innocent and soft, penetrated deep into my heart, and stuck. I can’t get enough of you. You are my one and only. There could never be someone that could even romotely come close to you in my eyes. This stronghold were building is impenetrable. We finally built this foundation we never could get right. Weve finally sorted this mess we never even wanted to look into. We are ONE. I will always be your comfort.

And you will always be my home.
30 july 2014

You’ve probably heard the original and like it better, but I think this is really pretty.


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